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Macos Status Bar Control for Spotify™ and Apple Music™

Spotica Menu

Spotica Menu is an MacOs menubar that shows Spotify or iTunes/Apple Music* currently playing track, album, album cover, and more!

It gives you access to common music control functions (Play, Next, Previous, etc.) as well as a large number of custom configuration options are available.


● Shows the current track in the menu bar (with or without scrolling)

● Shows the current album cover in the menu bar

● Shows the current track playing position in the menubar

● Shows the current track's cover image in the song information menu

● Follow or add the current track or artist.

● Control Spotify and Apple Music directly from your menu bar

● Customize the background/foreground colour of the Spotica Menu bar

● Bring music player to the front by clicking on the album cover

● Play and add to Spotify Playlists

● Show a notification on Spotify song update

* Some features are only available on Spotify

Troubleshooting: This application is only available as an OSX menu item. If you do not see it on your menu bar (to the right of Window/Help, etc), then it might be off the screen. Try an application (like Finder) with fewer menu items. OSX 10.12+ requiredVisit for more details or email to send us comments.

Download from the Apple App Store

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