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Macos Status Bar and MiniPlayer Controls for Spotify™ and Apple Music™

v5.5 now available!

Spotica Menu is a MacOs menubar that shows Spotify or iTunes/Apple Music* currently playing track, album, album cover, and more!

It gives you access to common music control functions (Play, Next, Previous, etc.) as well as a large number of custom configuration options are available.


● Shows the current track in the menu bar (with or without scrolling)

● Shows the current album cover in the menu bar

● Shows the current track playing position in the menubar

● Shows the current track's cover image in the song information menu

● Follow or add the current track or artist.

● Control Spotify and Apple Music directly from your menu bar

● Customize the background/foreground colour of the Spotica Menu bar

● Bring music player to the front by clicking on the album cover

● Play and add to Spotify Playlists

● Show a notification on Spotify song update

● Compact and Full mini players

Add player control and Spotica Menu functions to global hot keys.


Download from the Apple App Store

Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 2.32.30 PM

Inluding Mini Players!

Screen Shot 2022 01 01 at 2.32.48 PM


Spotica Menu disappeared from the menu bar! Where did it go?

MacOS will automatically hide menu items if there is not enough room for them on the menu. Try resizing Spotica Menu through its properties, closing some open apps, or use an app like Bartender to free up space.

I don't see the year or playlist information when using Spotify.

You must log in to Spotify through Spotica Menu's preferences. Go to Preferences -> Spotify to log in. This also unlocks 'track repeat' and a few other Spotify features!

What do I get for registering?

Besides feelings of joy knowing you've supported a small, independent developer, registering Spotica Menu will unlock text font selection and text animation.

Buy me a coffee ☕

I'm an independent developer and I'd love your support by registering Spotica Menu and/or buying me a coffee below. Thanks!

👍🏼  John Sproull

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